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About Alternative Careers: Usually parents whose children are not inclined towards studies get miserable situation. Their anguish gets worsen if they are not rich or prosperous business to hand over to their child. Most parents get sleepless nights about their child's future. Such students lag behind in studies even though they are intelligent. However, they show no academic inclination. Their parents think to secure their child's future it is important to get admission in a good college.

Parents want that their child to become engineer, doctor, MBA or charted accountant. However, as their child is not inclined towards studies, they become restless. This is the condition of many students as well. Parent expects the best for their child and want that their child to be settled in good field and earn good amount of money. However, there are various alternative careers available other than standard careers which involve educational qualifications. Various opportunities are available for the children who are not inclined toward studies.

Alternative Careers Options

Opportunities in Alternative Careers :

There are tremendous opportunities available in alternative careers. Here, we will see some alternative careers.

Deep sea divers:

Deep sea diving is very demanding career both physically and mentally. Requirement for deep sea divers is huge. There is a lack of divers who can go in for underwater construction or repair work. To be a deep sea diver, one has to be particular fitness level. Annual salary for deep sea divers ranges between $30,000 and $100,000. Deep sea diving is an adventurous careers.

As a deep sea diver, you have to deal with underwater equipment like rigs, oil pipes, dams, bridges, ships, search for underwater wreckage and recovery projects. Purpose of diving can be different because it involves different projects in different location.

Web Designing:

Nowadays, computers and the Internet are being the catchphrase all over. Web designing is an alternative career for those who want to work from home especially for women. Instead of becoming a software programmer, one can do a course web designing. There are many instates which offer web designing courses. After completing your web designing course, you can work as freelance web designers. You can also design logos, prepare visiting cards, do Desk Top Publishing work. However, you should be creative to be in this field.


Catering is another option in alternative careers. It is also good alternative career option for those who do not like computers field. If you have fair idea of cooking and baking you can start catering to small parties or gatherings or you can also bake to the order basis.


Conducting classes is also good alternative career. You can conduct various classes like music class, culinary skill class, art and craft class from your home itself. When you select classes as your alternative career, you are left with a lot of free time. In this free time you can also do other work.

There are also other alternative careers like party planning, telemarketing and many others. It is important to select your alternative career as per your interests, develop required skill for that career and earn good money. To go for an alternative career, you have to take initiative. You can market anything if you have right approach towards your goal.

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